Dr Lalith Gamage

Dr Lalith is a Paediatrician at the Port Augusta Hospital and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and currently consults at Ladywood Clinic

He is highly respected by his colleagues and patients, as an attentive and caring physician with a commitment to clinical excellence.

Dr Lalith enjoys the continuity of his private practice and describes it as a privilege to be part of his patients’ lives as they grow and develop.

If you think your child needs to see a paediatrician, ask one of the doctors at Ladywood Clinic and discuss your concerns with them first. They will assess your child and make a referral.
Dr Lalith knows health issues can be complex and getting the correct diagnosis and management plan for your child will make a difference now and into the future. That’s why children seen in our clinic are generally given 50mins as a new patient with a new problem and 30 minutes for a review consultation.

If you are not a patient of Ladywood Clinic you are still welcome to see Dr Lalith, all you need to do is fax your referral to (08) 8395 0022 and one of our friendly staff will contact you to make an appointment. Or call (08) 8263 6521

All appointments need a current referral from their GP


Dr Lalith charges a $50 gap with all initial consults and any follow up appointment will be $25 gap

Autism Assessments will be a total of $250 ($50 for the initial appointment and then $200 for the follow up appointment)