COVID 19- Vaccine

Covid 19 Vaccines at Ladywood Clinic

Ladywood Clinic are involved in the distribution of the COVID -19 Vaccine Pfizer and AstraZeneca


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We have an unlimited supply of AstraZeneca but we only recieve 420 doses per fortnight of Pfizer.


We run Pfizer Clinics at certain times and only for certain amount of doses. 


***FYI *** One vial contains up to 6 doses , so when a vial is drawn up we need to use it withing 6 hours. This is why stringent planning is involved so we minimise wastage and maximise the efficiency of appointments. 


These appointments are for an immunisation only. If you wish to discuss your suitability for the vaccine, or an unrelated matter, a separate appointment must be made

Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is completely voluntary, however, it is strongly encouraged.


Consent can be withdrawn at any time prior to receiving the first or second dose of the vaccine.


When an appointment is made you will be sent the consent form via email or text. All you need to do is fill out the form online and send it back. 


If for some reason you haven’t recieved it please click HERE

To get proof of your Vaccination there are many ways online. Please click HERE and you will be redirected to Services Australia which will show you multiple ways of how to do it. 



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To View Ladywood Clinics COVID safety plan please click here COVID-Safety-Plan Ladywood Clinic WEB COPY

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In keeping with SA HEALTH guidelines, its a requirement when you attend Ladywood Clinic that you check in via the QR code or sign in manually.
We also require everyone to wear a mask including those who may have an exemption.
From Tuesday the 23rd of November 2021 staff will be requesting proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status upon entry of anyone above the age of 12 yrs.
If you are un-vaccinated we will be offering telephone appointments only – if during your consult the doctor needs to see you face to face they will organise a time depending on the urgency.
Ladywood Clinic have introduced this policy to provide a safe work environment for all our staff and for vulnerable patients with compromised immune systems.