We are a private billing practice and accounts are requested to be paid in full following any consultations. Ladywood Clinic utilise TYRO Easyclaim for patient claiming and payment of services – this requires the full practice fee to be paid on the day and the Medicare rebate will be reimbursed back into your account immediately.


Bulk billing is available to Children under 18 years, Pension and Health Care Card holders and DVA card holders


If you have no Medicare card you will be charged the same fees as below. You will need to take your receipt to your health fund and they will reimburse the Medicare portion

Our standard fees are shown below:

Appointment Type Practice Fee Medicare Refund Patient Contribution
Level B – Normal Consult
Level C – Long Consult
Level D – Extended consult

Any other services will require an additional fee such as IUD insertion/removal, Iron Infusions and Excisions which can range from $30 to $135 (and are still required even if you are on a health care card/pension card)

Please see below for our specific charges

Procedure & Gap Fee

ABI * $10.00
Boostrix Vaccination $45.00
Bexero Vaccination $130.00
Cryotherapy (per session) * $10.00
ECG * $15.00
Excision* $60.00
Flu Vaccination *$15.00
Implanon Insertion * (14206) $75.00
Implanon Removal* $75.00
IUD Insertion * (35503) $135
IUD Removal* $50.00
Script Fee $5.00
Toe Nail Wedge Resection * $90.00
Vennesection * $20.00
Spirometry* $15.00
Histogel * $15.00
Dressing* $15.00
Transfer of Notes * $50(NON HCC/PENSION) $25(HCC/PENSION)
Heavy Vehicles Drivers Medical $130.00
Medical- Brief $75.00
Medical – Standard $130.00
Medical – Standard + Spirometry $150.00
Ear Syringe* $15.00
Punch Biopsy* $30.00
Pregnancy Test * $5.00
IV Iron Infusion* $75.00

*Please note that with this procedure is an out of pocket expense*


If you are claiming work cover it is Ladywood Clinic’s policy that we request payment up front of $40 This still applies if you are on a health care card or pension card Medicare will be charged until a claim is accepted 

Once you have an approved work cover claim number, your employer needs to notify reception, and all invoices will be forwarded on to your employer.

It is advisable that you keep a copy of your receipts, once your claim has been approved you can forward those on to your employers work cover agent and these should be reimbursed.

For an Appointment at Ladywood Clinic, Call (08) 8263 6521

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