Rae Starkey 

rae starkey

Clinical Psychologist

BSc Psych and Crim (Hons), MSc Foren Psych, Mast Psych (Clin), MAPS

Rae works Monday to Thursday

Rae provides a non judgmental, supportive, safe and caring environment which enables each patient to improve on their psychological well being. Treatment is individually tailored to the needs and goals of each patient using a collaborative approach.

Rae Starkey obtained her degree and masters in the UK and is currently undertaking a second masters in Clinical Psychology. She started working as a psychologist within the Department for Correctional Services in South Australia providing assessments and interventions to prisoners, and went on to work with children as a psychologist with the Department for Education and Child Development. Rae also worked with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services providing therapeutic interventions to young people and their families. She then went on to work as a private psychologist, providing services to country SA and metro regions whilst also working as a psychologist within a SA Health inpatient unit.

A standard session is of 50 minutes duration.  

Scheduled Fees

 Full payment needs to be made on the day

If you hold a concession card it will be 158.40 and you receive a rebate from medicare of $128.40

Without a concession card it will be $188.40 and you will receive a rebate of 128.40 from Medicare.

Please note: a rebate will only be given if you have a valid referral and a Mental Health Care Plan in place.

Also a rebate can ONLY be given back on to a cheque or savings account

To Find out more please visit Rae’s website at : http://www.psychologistsa.com.au/#!about/c240r