Healthcare At Ladywood Clinic

Prioritizing You & Your Family’s Health

Ladywood Clinic is a family doctors’ clinic located in Modbury Heights, South Australia. It has been serving the community for over 20 years.
The clinic offers personalised, professional, and quality healthcare across a wide range of medical and support services.
Their experienced and compassionate practitioners prioritise both physical and emotional health, while incorporating best practice standards.
We encourage you to explore our website to discover more about how we can support you in improving and maintaining good health, wellness, and longevity.
We are 100% committed to providing you with the best health care experience.
Our team of GPs, Nurses, Allied Health and Administration staff look forward to being involved in the care of your health.
Ladywood Clinic provides comprehensive health care for the entire family, from newborn children to the elderly.
Their proactive approach aims to catch health issues before they become serious, benefiting patients with chronic diseases like diabetes.

Key Practice Details

Important Information To Know

The clinic’s services include specialised care in areas such as:
  • Diabetic Care: Managing diabetes effectively.
  • Endocrine Disorders: Addressing hormonal imbalances.
  • Counselling: Providing emotional support and guidance.
  • Men’s Health: Our doctors provide full health checks including cardiac / fitness, nutrition, sexual health, prostate, mental well-being and counselling. Prevention and early diagnosis maximises long-term health.
  • Vaccinations: Keeping patients up-to-date with immunizations.
  • Women’s Health: Cervical screening, Sexual health checks, Menopause, Breast checks, Contraception, Painful periods. This is just a few of the items that women confront. Our doctors provide comprehensive care to women of all ages in a sensitive and warm manner.
  • Shared Antenatal Care: Supporting expectant mothers during pregnancy. Our doctors are passionate and family-orientated. They provide a personalised planning service from contraception to pre-conceptual advice, infertility issues, shared obstetric care and post-natal care.
  • Vaccinations: GPs administer vaccinations to prevent infectious diseases.
  • Mental Health Advice: They offer support, recommend coping strategies, and refer patients to specialists if needed.
  • Wound Care: Manage wound care, including cleaning, dressing, and monitoring healing. They may also perform minor procedures like sutures or stitches.
  • Minor Surgical Procedures and Skin Cancer Checks: Our practitioners are able to provide full skin checks. On-site minor procedures include biopsies, excisions, cryotherapy, dressings and suture of lacerations.
  • Prescribing Medication: They monitor drug interactions and adjust prescriptions as necessary.

Feel free to reach out to Ladywood Clinic if you have any specific health needs or questions!

The clinic’s doctors speak a variety of languages, including English, Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, Indian, Tamil, Sinhala, and Spanish

Your time is important to us.
Consultations are by appointment only.
To help avoid delays, we ask that if you need to discuss more than 1 issue with your doctor that you book a longer appointment.
Urgent consultations will be given priority.
If you are unable to attend your appointment please contact us to arrange another time or to cancel. Failure to attend or cancel charges will be the full appointment fee with no rebate applicable. Please note that we require at least an hours notice for cancellations.
If your doctor needs to discuss results non urgently in the next 2 weeks: you will receive a secure text message via hotdoc.
Please open the message and read.
It will advise you to make an appointment and provide a link to do so. The appointment can be either telehealth or face to face.

Results that need to be discussed urgently: You will receive a phone call from reception asking you to make an appointment. If you are not contactable they will leave a message if able to do so or send you an SMS.

Results that need no further action: Your results are available to view/print via MyHealth record. If you wish to discuss your results please make an appointment to do so. These results are available to view on MyHealth record.

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